Over the decades I have serviced over 1,500 clients including Fortune 500 companies, the automotive industry, insurance companies, cereal manufacturers, steel and oil companies, music industry, musicians, theater, sports teams, schools and universities, city government, police, fire, foundations, non-profits and dozen of other industries.
All size companies seek our expertise, but my niche and passion is working with business start-ups and small to medium size businesses.
Working directly with the entrepreneur means a deep understanding of their vision and their maximum input during development.
Consulting also allows the opportunity for me to educate clients of the process, steps to take and the purpose for it.
Clients receive control of their brand.  It is essential to business fluidity and success.
We work with my clients present to extract the details of your vision and to create your brand / logo and custom graphics.
You will understand the rules of various media engagement and requirements for multimedia such as:
Print, web, silkscreen, embroidery, digital printing, offset printing, 4 color process printing, die sublimation,
vinyl graphics, hand painted / murals, embossing, de-bossing, desktop publishing, television, social media and more.
We equip my clients with every file format they need to proceed, including the original which is created using Adobe Illustrator .ai.
All logos are converted to outlines and saved as an encapsultated postscript .eps, .tif, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .svg, .gif, .bmp and .fs.
That might not mean anything to you now, but you will understand exactly how important and impressive that is.
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